Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews Guide 2017

Confused about buying best lighted makeup mirror? Don’t worry. Let’s discuss some of the products.

There are lot of products related to makeup mirror. But some may have crazed over a few products. Makeup mirrors actually differ from the others that suits the tabletop, making you feel undisturbed or unmovable while you are using eyeliner or something else.

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror 2017

Best Feature
User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Uses Tru-Lux Light System to replicate natural sunlight; has 50,000 color variations with color temperature adjustment; lights up instantly with 5x-magnification Very GoodHigh4.4 / 5
Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror Double-sided feature with a 1x/7x magnification; rotates up to 360˚for better screening; very affordableGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Jerdon HL65C 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup MirrorWall-mount lighted makeup mirror with 25-watt bulbs; offers high quality reflection; good product with no backlog GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
OttLite Cost-effective nature with adjustable 1x/5x magnification; comes with two 13-watt lamps at each side; accurate and vivid SuperbAffordable4.8 / 5

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Lighting is the main factor for effectively applying makeup. This product makes use of Tru-Lux Light System that replicates natural sunlight. It has around 50,000 color variation with color temperature adjustable. Lights up instantly once you’re in front of the mirror with the help of motion sensor. A 5x-magnification provides you with the best view. No need to worry about charging.

Once charged, it lasts for 5 weeks. It is also Wi-Fi enabled to access some smart functionalities. It’s extremely clear and comes with high quality. Dimension are at 4.7 x 9.1 x 15.1 inches and 3.1 pounds. Many of the users state that: “Among lighted makeup mirror, it is good in mobility, clarity, lighting and expects nonmagnification surface”. The cost of which is around $199 approx.

Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

This is among the top rated lighted makeup mirrors. It comes with 18.3 x 44.4 x 21 cm dimension and has a double sided feature. It comes with a 1x/7x magnification for users to access various levels. So, obviously, a 7x magnification provides a very clear outlook. In users point of view, a 1x magnification for makeup application and a 7x for plucking eyebrows is ideal. It’s perfectly fitted with good lighting as well. The best part of this is that, it can rotate up to 360 degrees for better screening. The cost of which turns around $77 approximately.

Jerdon HL65C 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

This comes with the dimension of 41.3 x 41.9 x 31.1 cm and it’s a wall-mount lighted makeup mirror. It includes 25-watt bulbs that can be replaced with ease and a two-sided circular mirror.The mirror offers you with a high quality reflection with a price which turns around at an approximated $129. As it is wall mounted, some users found tricky to install. But other than that, it’s a good product with no backlog.


Most users prefer this due to its cost-effective nature. The cost of which turns around $55, more or less. It has an adjustable 1x/5x magnification. It comes with two lamps of 13-watt at each side. The color of which is accurate and vivid. For the cost, it is worth buying.Hope this will help you to get the best one!

Best Makeup Vanity Table with Lights

A makeup vanity usually goes in the bedroom or the bathroom but the former is often a better option especially if you have fewer bathrooms than the number of people living in your house! Placing this cute piece of furniture in the bedroom makes you more likely to get the “alone” time you crave for when you are trying to get ready in the morning. There is nothing worse than scrabbling around in the morning trying to figure out where you put your hair brush the night before and finding a vanity mirror in place solves that problem.

Of course, you will want to pick a makeup vanity that actually fits in your room; but thankfully, you can get various shapes, designs and sizes to fit any shape bedroom that you require. One of the most important things about the makeup vanity is the vanity mirror. Having this mirror gives you two free hands to concentrate on hair and makeup rather than trying to do everything one-handed with a little mirror in the other. Here is what you should consider for the best makeup vanity table with lights.

What Makes It Standout
User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rating
Simple-human Sensor Mirror Illuminates light as face appears & shuts itself off once done; uses a True-Lux lighting framework similar to natural light; offers 5x magnification Very GoodHigh4.4 / 5
Jordon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror Space saver which mounts effortlessly; features a 14” expansion and turns 360˚; accessible in four versions; offers a brilliant corona light with magnification sideExcellentAffordable4.6 / 5
  1. Simple-human Sensor Mirror

This mirror is so advanced, you won’t need to cut it on yourself. As your face appears, light illuminates it automatically and shuts itself off when you’re done. Therefore, you don’t need to stress over running up your electric bill. It gloats a True-Lux lighting framework that is most similar to natural light, so you can guarantee your cosmetics dependably looks awesome. It offers 5x magnification so you can see your whole face unmistakably, and it arrives in a tabletop or divider mounted variant.

  1. Jordon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Save space with this mirror which mounts effortlessly to your divider. All equipment is incorporated and you can use it in minutes. Featuring a 14-inch expansion and turns 360 degrees, you can simply achieve ideal results. It’s accessible in four versions to supplement your stylistic layout, it offers a brilliant corona light and has a magnification side a well.

Best Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror

Mirrors are the soul of vanity and correct mirrors add glitter to your looks. A wall mounted lighted makeup mirror provides a natural daylight exposure and that exposure helps in getting the perfect finish for the entire day.

Some features to keep in mind before selecting a makeup mirror:

  • A distortion-free mirror with powerful magnification nearly as 5X which is considered as standard
  • It should be hands-free because it will provide convenience to the user
  • It should be adjustable or has an arm attachment is for better results
  • The most important feature is variable lighting same as natural daylight

The following are a few options for you to consider:

Best Features
User Experience
Price Level
Our Rate
SimpleHuman Mini Sensor Mirror Offers 10X magnification; used by professionals & for personal use; uses sensor to detect faceVery GoodHigh4.3 / 5
Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror by Conair with Polish Chrome Hands-free set fitted with 360˚rotating stand; double sided mirror with 7X magnification view; also features touch control light system ExcellentAffordable4.7 / 5
Power Zoom Lighted Makeup Mirror by Zadro Wall-mounted hands & fog free optic mirror; features a motorized custom zoom for multi-level magnification; fitted with LED lights for natural lighting + distortion-free user experienceGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Young Magnifying Makeup Mirror by Kimball Double-sided, fog-free product with B.Nickel; hands-free with extended swing arm; can be extended to 11.5” from wall +3X magnification capability Very GoodAffordable4.3 / 5

Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror

This mirror offers a 10X magnification and used by professionals but also a good choice for personal use. The item is available at Sephora under their small tools and accessories section. It is pretty in demand among customers.

Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror by Conair with Polish Chrome

This hands-free set is fitted with a stand which rotates 360 degrees. It’s a double sided mirror that gives better results and has a regular magnification view of 7X plus a touch control light system. The diameter of the mirror is 8.5 inches.

Power Zoom Lighted Makeup Mirror by Zadro

This product is a wall-mounted hands and fog free optic mirror. It is provided with a motorized custom zoom for multiple level magnification. The product ranges from 1 to 5X magnification view. The LED lights are rimmed for excellent outlook of natural lighting which makes it distortion free. The mirror’s diameter is 6 inches.

Young Magnifying Makeup Mirror by Kimball

A double sided product with B.Nickel is a hands-free product with an extended swing arm. It can be extended to 11.5 inches from the wall and features a 3X magnification capability. It’s a fog free product, too!

Best Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

When it comes to best lighted travel makeup mirror, many people are misled into thinking the highest priced products easily out-competes their less expensive counterparts, But as many world-class lighted travel makeup mirror artists testify, the secret to a truly gorgeous makeup is in the application process and not on the product itself. The key to this process is the right set of makeup brushes and a suitable mirror; whether it is wall mounted with an integral light or magnifying.

Even the most makeup-savvy ladies can become unstuck by the dreaded ‘tide line’ around the jaw area – a problem that a lighted mirror could easily remedy. Before purchasing a makeup mirror, it is important to assess where you would like the mirror to be placed and the key functions you need it to perform or own.

Lighted travel makeup mirrors are designed specifically for those who need to take their grooming on the go. Travel makeup mirrors are most likely an excellent option if you have to pack. More than a general handheld assortment, these, for the most part, assures and offer all that you require when you are far from home. You will find that these range from the most fundamental reduced assortments to complex types that incorporate some extras, lighting, and numerous amplification from ordinary to 20X intensification. Additionally, these items are often sturdy and made from shatter-free glass.

Types of lighted travel makeup mirrors

  1. True lighted travel makeup Image Mirrors

A ‘True Image’ mirror is quite invaluable showing an image of how your makeup appears to the outside world in that the mirror does not distort or magnify the image. This is great for applying makeup evenly, most especially for admiring your handiwork and when checking if any areas need to be touched up.

  1. Magnifying lighted travel makeup Mirrors

This mirror offers a magnifying side – perfect for applying tricky eye makeup; and more so, helpful for plucking and shaping eyebrows. This type of mirror is also a great asset for those who usually wears glasses and have difficulty applying makeup without using one. The magnifying side comes in handy when paying extra attention to skin imperfections and blemishes, particularly when applying concealer to dark areas under eyes, etc. The majority of magnifying mirrors swing to give a ‘true image’ on the reverse side

Best Professional Makeup Mirror With Lights

Professional makeup mirrors with lights are perfect for home use, in style! Let’s take a look at the best option for 2017!

ProductWhat Makes It StandoutUser FeedbackPrice LevelOur Rate
Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror Twofold side-lit mirror that’s simple to use; features a solid 2-inch swivel base with oval face offering up to 7x magnification; set-in lights on each side with mirror affixed to a 5-ft control string with on/off switch ExcellentAffordable4.5 / 5

Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

The Conair Oval twofold side-lit mirror is straightforward and simple to utilize as a washroom mirror. Intended to supplement any cutting edge lavatory, it remains at an approximately 18 inches tall and a solid 2-inch swivel base with a present-day appropriate structure. The face is oval and offers double-sided options with both typical mirror and 7 times magnification mirror on the other.

Every side incorporates set-in lights that take into account delicate natural lighting. On the off chance that you are looking for something that gives a considerable measure of light, this may not be the best choice. While the lighting displays outdoor lighting, it doesn’t put off a great deal of light and can be considered less by other users.This Conair lit mirror is affixed to a 5-foot control string with an on/off switch found six creeps from the base.


  • Simple to utilize swivel mount
  • Lightweight, rich plan
  • Corona lights give a natural sparkle
  • Stable weighted base
  • Astounding construction
  • Reasonable substitution lights
  • Inset outlet for connecting to a blow dryer or electric razor


  • No in the middle of magnification, the decisions are either none or 7x
  • Diminish lights
  • Little mirror, just 16 inches tall

Best Magnifying Mirror with Light

No matter how well designed your bathroom or dressing area might be, you will find a lighted magnifying mirror very beneficial addition to space. You have a variety of style options to select from making it easy to find one that looks well with your room design. Good news is, there is such a diverse price range that affordable to many.

A lighted vanity mirror can be very helpful when you are applying makeup. Many have a chrome finish that blends well with most bathroom decors. When not in use, it simply looks like an attractive part of the bathroom landscape. If you like to decorate with something more unique than the standard round vanity mirror, you have other options.

A Broadway-style mirror would certainly be impressive sitting on top of your dressing table or bathroom counter. It has a black finish and an array of bulbs lined up on each side and across the top.

Sometimes your bathroom counter space may be severely limited. If so, a vanity style would be more of a nuisance than a helpful accessory. However, you can still include this convenient accessory in your bathroom by choosing a wall mount design. The best magnifying mirror with light is very helpful when putting on contacts, applying makeup, or removing facial hair.

Wall mount designs with extension arms are ideal in a bathroom with limited counter space. Some styles have two mirrors. A small magnifying mirror folds behind the larger one. Magnification levels vary from 1x to 10x. It is important to select a style that extends upward and sideways so that you can obtain the view that is most useful to you. A lighted looking glass with a glare-free incandescent light will eliminate shadows.

When shopping for wall mount designs, you will find that the most common design is circular in shape. However, if you like to decorate with accessories that are more unique, there is a very attractive square-edged wall mount mirror that would be more functional and impressive enough to power up your bathroom design. Even though a wall mount model adjusts, you may want to measure before attaching it to assure you place it at an ideal height.

A lighted magnifying mirror can quickly become an accessory you never want to be without. Placing one on your vanity is a simple way to make mornings easier. You can apply makeup faster and check your overall facial appearance so that you can leave home confidently knowing you look your best.

Best LED Makeup Mirror

Type of LED makeup mirror

User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
Jordon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror Totally flexible, foldable makeup mirror with inbuilt lighting; features fluorescent yet glare-free light; crawls by 12” completely broadened + 4 shading right light areas VeryGoodAffordable4.3 / 5
Conair TM7LX-320 Illumine Three Panel Makeup Mirror Features various light settings; completely adjustable mirror ensures ideal edge and lighting; offers wide edge image viewingGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Flexile 5X Lighted Magnifying Mirror Uniquely designed & exceptionally useful; offers a mutilation and glare-free usage with 5x magnification with 2 fantastic focal points for day & evening makeup application; ideal for travel and can be mount on a dividerExcellentAffordable4.7 / 5

1. Fixed led makeup mirror: 

The fixed ones are part of the traditional options available over the market. As the name suggests, they are fixed to the front of a cabinet used to storeroom supplies or first aid articles. There are modern fixed ones designed to suit contemporary room designs.

2. Movable led makeup mirror: 

Common in hotels, the movable ones are slowly making way into homes on account of their flexibility and convenience. They can be moved and adjusted to achieve the right viewing angle.

3. Hanging led makeup mirror

The hanging wall mirrors lend a stylish and artistic look to the room. These are available in different sizes and designs. They help achieve a more compact look as they can be hung directly on the wall without the attachment of the medicine cabinet.

LED makeup mirror buying guide

The following factors will help you choose a led makeup mirror that is best suited to your home décor and your needs.

Shapes and Sizes

Consider the size of the wall when choosing a mirror. They should be lightweight and make the room appear larger and spacious. The infinity ones are the best for smaller rooms. These are available in oval, square, rectangular and round shapes. Customers can also choose from frameless mirrors to those with simple frames and those decorated with intricate designs.


Traditionally, the rooms were dimly lit. However, with the increasing functionality, lighting has become an important aspect of rooms. The latest addition to the line of room mirrors includes illuminated and LED ones. The illuminated mirrors have their own light which may include a light fitting attached overhead, small light bulbs concealed in the frame or those that use a backlight.


You can make the mirrors in the room more useful by getting them fitted with vanity cabinets. Though this is a traditional style, there are many modern room mirror designs with cleverly integrated vanity cabinets for a sleek and compact look.

What makes LED mirrors a better choice?

  1. The LED mirrors are cost effective. They consume less electricity and generate less heat. They have higher durability.
  2. Their inbuilt lighting system enhances the look of the room and also provide sufficient and bright light for different tasks.
  3. They have Anti-fog features wherein they have demister pads that prevent the room mirrors from getting fogged out after a hot shower.
  4. These are water resistant.
  5. The LED mirrors also feature other add-ons such as shaver sockets

Best led Makeup Mirror

1) Jordon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-Fold Lighted Mirror

This kind of mirror is totally flexible, foldable makeup mirror that has inbuilt lighting. It is fluorescent yet glare-free so you can enjoy the impact. It is 19 crawls by 12 inches completely broadened and really has four shading right light areas.

2) Conair TM7LX-320 Illumine Three Panel Makeup Mirror

Somewhat more costly than the previous mirror option, the Conair TM7LX-320 Illumine Three Panel Makeup Mirror offers various light settings and a completely adjustable mirror to ensure that you get an ideal edge and lighting regardless of where you are nor what time of day it is. It likewise offers wide edge image viewing.

3) Flexile 5X Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Totally unique in appearance to the other makeup mirrors with lights, this Flexile 5X Lighted Magnifying Mirror is exceptionally useful and one of the best looked into mirrors available. It offers a mutilation and glare-free mirror with 5x magnification and two fantastic focal points for day and evening makeup application. It is ideal for travel and can be mounted on the divider.